Final project fabrication schedule


Laser cutter groups: meet with J. Johnson (7AM-7PM Mon/Wed; 7AM-11AM Tue/Thu; 7AM-4PM Fri)

  • Friday 4/21: Emily & Stephen
  • Monday 4/24: Oliver & Tess

Dimension UPrint SE (same laser printer as Project 2): meet with Jeremy Polk, drop off STL files by 6PM Monday-Thursday, 4PM Friday

  • Thursday 4/20: Grace & Maisie
  • Friday 4/21: Wendy & Mariam
  • Monday 4/24: Julia & Angelina

Ultimaker 3 (new 3D printer): meet with Doug Willen, drop off STL files by 4PM

  • Thursday 4/20: Bella & Michael
  • Friday 4/21: Alison & Martina
  • Monday 4/24: Simon & Rio

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