Week 8


3D Printing schedule

Since the 3D printer is a limited resource, we want to make sure that we are allocating enough time for everyone to be able to print their models. For models due on 3/15, we have determined the following printing schedule.

Please have STL files ready to print by 6PM on your appointed printing day, and bring them to Jeremy Polk in ITS. In the interest in print time and fitting multiple designs into the printer, we are looking to keep models under a 3″x3″ footprint (with a max height of about 4″).

Tuesday 3/14:

  • Rio & Steve
  • Mariam & Oliver
  • Martina & Simon
  • Grace & Angelina

Wednesday 3/15:

  • Tess & Wendy
  • Bella & Emily
  • Michael & Alison
  • Maisie & Julie

If you agree to trade nights with another group, please keep us informed. We will also reserve use of the printer on Monday 3/13 – let us know if you want to print early. Groups interested in printing two models for this week’s deadline must print one on Monday night.

Printing schedule will be an important aspect of logistics through the remainder of this project until 3/29, so please be mindful about keeping a productive pace.

Week 8 Class Activities

Monday 3/13 (Meet in Hicks 212)

  • Student presentations – Maisie & Mariam
  • Blog walk-through, including photos/screenshots of in-progress models
  • Rhino Q&A (if needed)

Wednesday 3/15 (Meet in Hicks 212)

  • In parallel:
    • Desk crits with Logan – bring analog model if applicable
    • More Rhino Q&A with Matt
  • Work on homework for next week

Homework for Wednesday, 3/22:

  • Two refined models, all digital


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