Week 1

Welcome to Design & Sculpture in the Digital Age!

We will be posting weekly outlines of the course activities. Bear with us through this somewhat lengthy first post, future posts will be much shorter.

By the way, you can always access the Course Information page through the menu bar at the top right above.

To be completed by the first class

Our first class will be Wednesday, January 18 in Hicks 212. Before our meeting, we would like you to introduce yourself to your partner for Project 1. The pair groups are:

  • Fiorante & Bahmane
  • Luo & Rosenzweig
  • Sekula & Bloch
  • Wei &  Cai
  • Morales & Wang
  • Newman-Lapinksi & Costagliola
  • Wu & Harris
  • Steinglass & Lutzker

Please note your partner’s email address from the notification email you just received, and get in touch with them. We’d like you to exchange the application documents you sent us via email, so you can be ready to hit the ground running with your collaboration on the first project.

Also, please prepare a high-resolution (at least 1200 pixels wide/tall) digital scan or photograph of an object to trace during our Adobe Illustrator tutorial. You can choose any object you want, but we suggest that it should:

  • have a strong silhouette with no holes
  • contain both straight segments and curved segments
  • be visually interesting and distinctive

Weekly presentations

We will also be inviting students to give weekly presentations about a topic of their choosing. Please follow one of these prompts when preparing your presentation:

    • Present about an artist who is working in a new way using a combination of digital and tradtional techniques
      • What is their process?
      • How do they use materials, media?
      • What do you think is interesting about the artist? 
    • What is a new process/material/medium that you are interested in learning?
      • What are the artistic possibilities opened up by this?
      • What artists are active in this area?
      • What does it follow, respond to? What is it related to? 
    • What is a designed object that speaks to you?
      • What is innovative/novel about it?
      • Who are the key people?
      • What are the influences?

Aim for 8 minutes with at least 5 but potentially many more images. Your presentation could be in Powerpoint or Google Slides, could be a video you narrate over, or you could just scroll us through a blog post or web page you have prepared. 

The motivation for these presentations is to encourage you to take ownership of the course and to make sure that we can address materials and topics our students are interested in.

Please complete this doodle poll to sign up for a presentation date.

Week 1 activities

  • Class introduction, names, etc.
  • Syllabus review
  • Illustrator tutorial
  • Go over homework

Homework for week 2

Finish the tracing that we began during the Illustrator tutorial. By 9PM on Sunday, January 22, email the instructors an Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file containing your completed outline. Make sure the file contains just a single, outlined shape.

Next, turn it into a complete composition by adding color and/or texture. This composition will become the logo for your personal class blog (see below). You can use traditional analog techniques (print it, trace it, cut it out, etc.) or digital techniques to complete this.

Start a blog for yourself where you will post weekly updates, process notes, inspirations, etc. As discussed on the syllabus, we will review these blog updates every week, including possible public scroll-throughs of each participant’s blog. Use any blog software or site you would like, as long as it is accessible to all members of the class. We find free accounts on wordpress.com to be quite easy to set up. Use the final composition you made as your blog’s logo.

By noon on Wednesday, January 25, respond to the full class (including both instructors) with the full URL for your new blog.


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